IBICS Membership

Benefits of IBICS Membership

In striving to achieve the mission of the Society, the Society provides the following benefits to its members:

  • Recognised membership of the Irish biological inorganic chemistry community
  • Members can attend and actively participate in the annual IBICS symposium with opportunities to present their research and to build upon and/or to forge new collaborations across the biological inorganic chemistry community
  • Members have the opportunity to host IBICS symposia
  • Members can also be nominated for the highly prestigious IBICS Postgraduate Award
  • Members can promote events or latest news, of relevance to the wider biological inorganic chemistry community, on the IBICS website

Membership Rates

Academic: €30

Industrial Biologist/Chemist: €30

Emeritus: €30

Postdoctoral/Researcher: €20

Postgraduate: €10

Undergraduate: €10

Other: €30

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